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I'm torn on the Bilt Explorer Adventure helmet. I really want to like the helmet, especially the main visor that stays put where ever you put it and the sun visor is nice to have there, but honestly the fit to my head just isn't that great. I'm wearing an XXL and it still has pressure points that eventually start bugging me after all day in the helmet. I've even had a few times where I've gotten an excruciating pain/headache starting and had to to just stop and take a break. I don't think the Bilt Explorer has even a remotely oval shape fit as I'm definitely a very oval shaped head by several different expert Arai helmet fitters. I think overall its a much more round shaped and why it doesn't fit me well. I also need to wear one of those cool maxx head liners so my ears don't tuck down when I put the helmet on as that drives me nuts. That's a pretty poor design on the helmet liner to have edge that grabs your ears. I think the biggest issue I'm running into though is the speakers from my SMH10 just don't have enough room and that's part of the problem that is causing pressure points, but even without those, the fit of the helmet on my head is way less than perfect.

I have an MSR one that fits better, but the visor is not nearly as nice and its even got less ear room than the Bilt. I haven't even tried my SMH10 in that one.

I really wish the Bilt Discovery had the same face shield as the Bilt Adventure as the discovery fit me so much better. I'm thinking this helmet has a much more oval shape to it and why it feels so much better. I'd even give up the sun visor for a better fit, just really can't stand the Discovery face shield and its optical issues. I've been torn to go back and purchase the Discovery when its on sale for $69 and just see if I can live with the face shield, but its face shield is no where near like the one on the Explorer. Hmm, maybe I can take the pads out of the Discover and retrofit them into the Explorer? Probably doesn't help the shape issue of the overall helmet though.

My wife seems to be enjoying her Bilt Explorer and she's been through several DS helmets, so that's good that she likes it.
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