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Originally Posted by SmileyRider View Post
I know this is off topic, but what issues did you run into using gps software on your phone? I would like to reduce clutter by using one device for multiple things
I am a GPS idiot so keep this in mind. I downloaded GPS essentials and the Dualsportmaps App. The issues I am running into are numerous. The biggest problem I am having is trying to download maps to the phone and pull them up in either app. I tired making tracks in google earth and downloading them into my phone as a .kml file. GPS essentials will not recognize the file. I then tried importing .gpx files I received into the DualSportMaps app and that doesn't work. Says no files found. He says in his thread you can pull them thru email but I can not get that to work either. I have read as much as the thread as I can on the app but feel like I wasted my $20. For that I feel like there should be a users manual. The youtube videos don't help much.

In short, trying to take a trip next week on the trans eastern trail. Can't upload anything to my phone so I can follow it. Have tried several times but wind up getting frustrated and giving up. You may have better luck.
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