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Originally Posted by DerViking View Post
How the knee Bronco?
Doing well. Still not as strong as before, but considering they cut a third of the already undersized platela tendon out to rebuild the ACL, about as well as can be expected. Almost a year since injury, just over 10 months since surgery. Probably 85-90% of what it was. And probably all it will be. They wanted a 10mm graft, but since the tendon was undersized all they were willing to take was 9mm. I have the CITI brace that I wear while riding, and not when not riding. Doc wants me to use and grow as much as possible in the knee. Only use the brace for protection, NEVER for support.

The riding is right at a year behind. I feel like I was a year ago when I first got the bike. No better, but getting better. I had a HUGE dip in my abilities the moment the knee went out. Recovery has been good. I blew through the flexibility part of rehab in unheard of time. The 2-week post surgery follow up I was sitting in the doc's office with my legs crossed playing with the phone waiting on him to come back from lunch. He just about fell over laughing at the range of motion in the knee. I didn't know that most people's range of motion was so poor when they are healthy. I had my heel kicking my own ass it flexes so well. The trouble with the great flexibility is I have never had great strength. I do a ton of walking and some other exercises and I have gotten it stronger then ever, but I still don't have great strength in either knee. I doubt I ever will.

As for my riding, I am off my recovery curve and back to my standard learning curve. Still getting better. A bit disappointed I am no better then I was a year ago but understandable considering what happened. Then think back a few years ago when I first started riding. And I really mean first started riding. I was as begineer as begineer could be. ZERO off-road motorcycle experience. So there has been huge improvments in the past few years. No overnight expert here. Next goal, to not be last in the Novice class. I am aiming for the end of the year...
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