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Originally Posted by Adios Pantalones View Post
I would recomend looping above the Grand Canyon, hit the North rim and Zion NP rather than the South Rim.

If you do come to San Diego there is a cool skate park right. at. the. end. of I-8 in Ocean Beach.At the stop light at the end of the highway you are literally looking at the park across the street!

Got a bunk for you here if you need it.
I added a lot of looping around there to my route to see a lot of other nearby parks. Is the north rim a lot better? It mightnít be a huge mission to loop both or skip the south and go straight to the north. Iíll hit you up if I swing by SD for sure.

Originally Posted by rufusswan View Post

If you get down here I can help a bit, or even a beer and a camp night.

You can pick your routes and destinations, and when roads are flat and straight, one road is as good as the next.

From Yellowstone you're just going to be riding home, the only thing you need to decide is where do you want to cross the Mississippi.

Straight east then down the Missouri to StL would be OK by anybody as would coming across on the southern Route 66 thru Tulsa & Joplin, or even some catty-corner way across the plains. But, 66 from Tulsa to StL exists just to mark the southern edge of the Great Plains so that folk avoid falling into the Ozark Mountains.

The bottom 50-100 miles of MO down to Little Rock is IT. Tons of good to great roads, cross the Mississippi at or between Cape Girardeau and Memphis.

I'd put Joplin, MO as a for-sure spot on your map.
Iíll swing through Joplin then. Iím really thinking I might get more out of the trip if I skip Yellowstone and just head east after Yosemite. That way I can go through Colorado and see a lot more. Itís also much less out of the way so it makes the whole trip less rushed.

Originally Posted by High Country Herb View Post
If I had to choose between San Diego and Yellowstone, I'd choose Yellowstone. For one, I prefer the majestic scenery up there to California beaches. Also, the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone are much more different from Florida than San Diego is.

If you want to visit a California micro brewery, you could visit Lagunitas in Petaluma just north of San Francisco. They have live music almost every night, and a $55 motel 2 doors down, which might be cheaper than finding someplace in San Francisco. It will also give you an excuse to cross the Golden Gate, which is free heading north.
Iím starting to debate skipping Yellowstone altogether (and SD) to have more time for Colorado. As far as San Fran, looking at the map, I was thinking about taking a ferry in not-free direction (because ferries are just awesome) and go over the golden gate in the free direction. Iíll check out Lagunitas.
Originally Posted by Eyes Shut View Post
More route stuff....(thanks for linking your routes!):

-Did you specifically want to go to Albuquerque? If not, I would suggest this route through New Mexico: From Roswell, take 380 west, then to Socorro, then 60 west to Datil. At Datil, take 12 southwest, and then go to Luna and then Alpine, AZ. From Alpine, take 191 north to Eagar, then 60 to Show Low, and then 260 to Payson. From Payson, head north on 87, then take 260 to Camp Verde and then Cottonwood, then head north from Cottonwood on Alt 89 to Flagstaff.

-On your trek across Kansas, you might want to take US50 instead of I-70. Follow I-25 to Pueblo, CO, and then pick up US 50 from there. We have found the US routes to be a little bit more interesting than the interstates because you end up going through some cool little towns which are a nice alternative to the rather boring sameness of the interstate eateries.

-In Cody Wyoming, there is a great museum, The Buffalo Bill Historical Center. Worthy of a visit if you are going through Cody anyway:

-Flagstaff has a couple of good breweries:Beaver Street Brewery and Flagstaff Brewing Company:

-The Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff is kind of old and funky, but it's within walking distance of the breweries:
Could you look at this route?
Google maps wonít let me drag the route through 260 between show low and payson. I donít know if thereís a road closure or if google maps is just dumb.
That whole route you suggested looks awesome.
Originally Posted by eakins View Post
sure looks like way too much interstate time
and you completely missed Colorado
Yeah Coloradoís starting to sound like a better idea than Yellowstone. Also, Iíve just been taking the fastest (interstate) route and modifying it to take the us roads to hit good stuff. None of the maps Iíve put up are final by any stretch. I havenít done very extensive route planning.

Thanks all of you for the input.

On an update note, I scored that shadow I wanted. I wanted to have left Tuesday.. Unfortunately Iíd been waiting on some parts for the Shadow. Just got them today. Gonna finish putting her back together with the new stuff and head out tomorrow or the day after.
I have a question.. Florida doesnít require me to carry insurance. If I get pulled over in an insurance-requiring state, will I be in trouble?

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