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I don't want ABS, and have even less use for a stereo. My Goldwing 1500 had a stereo, but I never used it. Sometimes I would turn it on while working in the garage. While riding, I want it to be just me, the bike, and the road. No distractions. I ride to get away from those. I did use the cruise control, till it quit working. I have also used the Throttlemeister throttle lock and liked it.

The problem with Honda making a fully loaded CTX700 is that it would cost almost as much as a Goldwing. When I suggested on a Goldwing forum that Honda had gone to far with the Goldwing, and that they should go back to the 1100 or 1200 four cylinder Interstate, nobody liked the idea, and pointed out that Honda had made alternatives, one of which was the NV700. To me that bike could have been a winner. If it had had a more upright riding position, like the CTX, around 1000cc, and came with the trunk included (all of which should have been possible considering the bikes $12K price tag) it would have been an excellent solo tourer. Honda always seems to just miss the mark.

I would have a hard time not buying the CTX700N with the automatic (I have severe arthritis which makes shifting in town a pain, literally) if it came without ABS. I believe the ABS can be disabled, but it is still seriously over complicated, and expensive things can go wrong with it that don't happen with regular brakes. I've heard of ABS failures on BMWs costing thousands $$$ to fix.
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