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Originally Posted by acejones View Post
Why wouldn't carry insurance ? If you're talking about collision, that's your risk choice. If you're talking about liability, you could be bankrupted forever if you don't have it. Not having insurance is just plain stupid.
#1 I'm a 23 year old with no assets worth litigating over.

#2 The insurance I would carry if forced to, would be $10,000 liability (FL req'd for cars). In the event of a 'forever bankrupting' lawsuit, let's say six figures (or even half of that), the amount wouldn't be dented by that insurance.

#3 The likelihood (lack thereof) of getting into an at-fault accident where I cause such vast damage on a motorcycle.

#4 I can declare bankruptcy, lose the pennies I have in the bank to the plaintiff, and no longer be incumbered.

#5 See #1.

I don't consider it "plain stupid," but thank you for your opinion.

For the record, DMV just told me they have to go by your home state's insurance requirements if you get pulled over out of state.
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