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Originally Posted by chris7s View Post
I added a lot of looping around there to my route to see a lot of other nearby parks. Is the north rim a lot better? It mightn’t be a huge mission to loop both or skip the south and go straight to the north. I’ll hit you up if I swing by SD for sure.

I’m starting to debate skipping Yellowstone altogether (and SD) to have more time for Colorado. As far as San Fran, looking at the map, I was thinking about taking a ferry in not-free direction (because ferries are just awesome) and go over the golden gate in the free direction. I’ll check out Lagunitas.

Could you look at this route?
Google maps won’t let me drag the route through 260 between show low and payson. I don’t know if there’s a road closure or if google maps is just dumb.

Hmmm, on your question about 260: I don't know if there are any road closures. We did that route in October 2012 with no problems, so maybe it's just a Google maps thing...

North Rim of Grand Canyon is less crowded, but it's 1000 ft higher in altitude than the South rim. It usually opens in mid-May or so, but if you want to go there, check the opening date. You can actually get more views of the river from the South rim, but the solitude of the North rim has its own rewards (and the canyon views from both rims are amazing).

Also, Yellowstone vs. Colorado: Yellowstone is one of my faves, because it has such unique features, and the animal abundance is fun to see. BUT Colorado has awesome views and roads. It probably makes more sense to spend more time in one place, such as CO, and really explore it more. Save Yellowstone for another trip (and you could visit Glacier Park, Beartooth Pass/Red Lodge in that trip)!
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