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[QUOTE=Schneiderman;21372989]Alright so I'm getting set to sort out the electrical this weekend. My bike is a 1993 off road model, that someone converted to street legal, then someone else converted back to off road only. So it has had turn signals at some point, but now only has headlight and taillight (may or may not include brake light), but even they are disconnected.

Starts like this... 8 wires coming from the stator. These go to the CDI, but the only thing connected off the CDI is the on/off switch at the handlebar. There seems to be wiring for turn signals, headlight, taillight and brakelight still in place. But some cables are cut. There is a flasher relay too. Bike has a handlebar switch with high/lowbeam and turn signals. Then, there is a set of 4 cables that go into something under the seat. Then they go to something on the side of the bike. And my favorite part- two wires going to what appears to be a homemade battery.

Anyone want to give me some tips on what to look out for here? Does this look like someone swapped for a factory street model wiring, or is this an aftermarket kit? Or just homebrew? What's with the homemade battery, ever heard of that before? It's currently dead, but the bike does run. Just no lights were hooked up since I got the bike.

I might be able to help with your wiring PM sent
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