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Originally Posted by tricepilot View Post
MikeMike, registration is in full swing for the BMW rally in your town

From what I'm told by Big Jim here locally, looks like a split deal with some activities/hotel stop in Tuxpan

I haven't taken a look at the itinerary but it would be interesting to see what they offer for ride destinations from the Veracruz (state) banquet table.
They are offering...not much. I have no idea why they insist upon the same lame and boring rides. It is going to be split between Tajin and Boca Del Rio. Same old same old and nothing of interest. They could have headquarted the thing in Cordoba and put it right smack in the middle of excellent riding. I offered tohelp them with routing, though I and about half the former members don't belong to the Veracruz chapter anymore. Even the route to Tajin is lame. I sure as hell will be saving my money and anyone who comes and wants to see what is really here, I will offer to guide them on sny ride they want. There is one good coastal route here and that is south to Catemaco via Monte Pio. There are more than 20 good mountain rides here that match or surpass the Jimmy ride. Probably fewer than 5 of the local club members have been on these rides or even know they exist. That pretty much sums things up. It frustrates me to no end when they insist upon trotting out the same tired old crappy rides when I have time and time again posted pictures and routing that really shows the magic that is here.
Honestly, it could give a guy Tourette's when they plan rides that have you looking at the back of a semi instead of a landscape at 10,000ft. Anyone who attends that rally and thinks they have ridden Veracruz is fooling themselves. A rubber chicken or fish dinner, some folkloric dancing, and boring introductions while having ridden the lamest roads is not my idea of fun.
There, wow, do I suddenly feel so much better!
I am also not alone in my opinion.
If they ever do a ride worth mentioning, I will let you know. Meanwhile, people are going to come away with the usual piss poor idea of what the state has to offer.
That is a real shame!
You guys could plan a better ride and you don't even live here. I think you get the picture.
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