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Originally Posted by PirateJohn View Post

I stumbled on Tuxpan a few years ago and thought it was just a really lovely nautical city, the kind of place that I will return to some day. But that's part of that equation where some people don't appreciate ships and such - I'd run into that all the time in Florida. Some people just love that ride down to Key West and others think it's boring as hell, what with all the water and history and such.
The history on the coast is interesting but they won't be going there. As far as I know they have no event planned in La Villa Rica de la Veracruz where you can walk to the spot on the beach where Cortes ordered a few of the ships dismantled and/or burned. Nor a ride up to the lookout from the Totonac cemetery where the locals first saw Cortes arrive. Nor will they visit La Antigua which was the first municipality in North America.

They won't be taking the coastal backroute through the Volcan de San Martin biosphere forest.

Will they be taking you to a geothermal field at over 9,000ft where electricity is produced? Or maybe to one of the least known yet historically significant set of ruins that was the epicenter of the "ball game" in meso-America? Nope. Uu uh.

How about a ride to the town where the H1N1 flu virus supposedly began and where a little boy, patient zero, was located? No.

The Zongolica?! No.
Rio Blanco and the significant site of labor unrest in the early 20th century? The buildings are still there. Nope, no ride for you!

This is simply the tip of the iceberg.

How about the back road to Perote from Xalapa that has just been recently paved to a very high standard and is, in short, "chingon"? Nope.

We have not even started to mention the area that Arte and Andres call "Greenland" and the newly paved route from the Actopan junction to Alta Lucero.
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