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Originally Posted by tricepilot View Post
Be glad it's that way

You wouldn't want hundreds of rally bikes stomping the best bits anyway

I'm glad for the rally injecting some $$$ in the local economy, but that's about it
Yes, Trice, but the truth is the money into the local economy is largely a myth. The Hotel is a chain hotel owned locally by a very wealthy family.
Tajin will benefit, but they already have a much larger event there every year.
Accessories will be sold by the local dealer who now refuses to let their staff even touch a part that was bought some place else other than the dealership. It is their "policy". Other accessories will be sold by outside vendors coming in from Puebla or Mexico City.
Not much is going to filter down to the local "Mom and Pop" businesses.

You could take that $3,000 peso inscription and use it for 3 nights at a local hotel at a preferred rate, plus have money left over to cover all your food and bar tab. I don't think the $3,000 peso entry gets you much more than a banquet or two and some trinkets in a grab bag.

To me, it is a damn shame that the state of Veracruz, with so much to offer in very, very good riding, ends up with this sort of event.

I would guess that well over half of the attendees have already visited Tajin, have ridden the coast highway, and have stayed at a Fiesta Americana hotel. The beach behind the Fiesta American here is one of the most polluted on the coast and if you wade out you'll find enough sea urchins to convince you to wear an old pair of tennis shoes or reef shoes. I would also guess that fewer than maybe 3% of the attendees could even find some of the routes we ride here regularly, on a decent map. And that would be a guess that errs on the generous side.

If you really want to see an event that puts money directly into the local economy, take a long hard look at the La Esperanza Rally Ruta del Cafe of Andres and Arte. This year they have it planned at a local hotel that you know, a good spot on a really clean and remote beach, a real coastal Veracruz experience. Good food purchased and prepared locally and not according to a chain hotel menu. The money goes to a terrific local cause with a clearly visible benefit to the community that will be felt, literally, for generations.
Now THAT is the kind of event that is my plate of mole and cup of!
Seriously, anyone from Texas who wants to come south and visit Veracruz should skip the national BMW rally and attend the Rally Ruta del Cafe. They don't have to do the off road part, there is more than enough very, very good riding like the route up the Misantla highway from Vega del Atorre via Colipa and El Nueve that Schizz and Donnie did with me to Naolinco, or Plan de las Hayas to Alto Lucero to Naolinco or Actopan. It is also a very easy and close ride to the great and challenging route up from Tlapacoyan to either Teziutlan or Altotonga (or both!).

If you really want to see your money go straight into local businesses and a very good local cause, skip the national BMW rally and attend the Rally Ruta del Cafe.
Now THAT'S Veracruz!

The Rally Ruta del Cafe deserves a good plug, because it was planned and developed and a success (last year was the first annual and it was a really fun event, an old school "run what ya brung and hope ya brung enough" happening. The local ladies preparing good, fresh, delicious local food for breakfast and lunch, all you can eat (and you can eat a lot from the kitchens in La Esperanza, trust me!), a post-event bar set up on the main street complete with blenders whirring away and coolers of ice cold beer. The absolute best coffee you will ever have the pleasure to experience. With an ambiance of fun, families out for a good time, kids, dogs, chickens, goats, even a camel in a field. Now that is a rally.
Listening to people BS about how much they spent on their last farkle, or if and when Gucci will offer panniers is not for me.
Swapping jokes with a good bunch of guys from Tamaulipas, sharing ride plans and bench racing and laughing and having a good time, to me, is what motorcycling is all about.
More Mondo Enduro than a Placio del Hierro catalog.

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