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Newb with '96 DR350SE Clutch Slipping Problem

My DR has ~9000 miles on it and last riding season the clutch started to slip sometimes when I put it into 3rd gear and hit the throttle hard.

I've just got the bike on the road and its still doing it although now its doing it sometimes in 4th gear as well (happens off and on).

I have adjusted my clutch lever so there is no play in it, basically I just have to pull the lever in and I change gears.

I tried lubing my cable but it has a plastic sheath over the wire the slides inside the cable housing so I can't get a cable lube needle inside the housing as there is not enough room.

Is there any adjustment I can do at either end of the cable that will help to sort this out?

If not, how long can I ride the bike like this before something could go wrong?

I wonder if its because I jdid the air box mod and just last week installed a pumper carb from Jesse....?

Thanks for helping this newb out!
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