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Originally Posted by Tiggersteve View Post
If you own a GSA go ride a new GS it will surprise you how good it is, a proper modern motorcycle, punchy motor (until you ride a KTM tho) light and I imagine easy to live with,
back to the KTM, bonkers engine, goes ballistic after 5-6k an absolute blast to ride but
seat hard and made my ar#e go numb,
screen is noisy,
tried suspension in various modes and always felt too hard and cos it's electronic there is no fine adjustment, I think i would prefer standard stuff,
when "getting a shift on" it gets a bit light and a tad vague, would like to try one with michelin PR3 road tyres
I was quite dissapointed as I was really keen to try one,
these are my personal opinions of course, a friend has just bought one, has a few of the same issues which he will sort and he racks up the miles, (will use him as guinea pig) will wait and see and when the time comes I will try it again,
I use a touratech screen extender which gives me zero noise or vibration. I can ride with the visor ajar at motorway speeds. The seat is firm but I've had worse, I toured france on a fireblade (954), now that had a hard seat !!

I had my 1190 at 200kph and it was rock steady and I've ridden it across some very rough roads and found the suspension to be spot on. I haven't tried the new GS so can't compare but I really like this bike. I came from a 2006 vfr which I owned from new so the upright riding position and torquey engine are a revelation.

The 23 litre tank gives a true 200 mile range, a good compromise between a GS and GS adv and service intervals are 15,000km / 10,000 miles.

Choosing a new bike is a very individual experience and that's what makes them such fun

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