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Originally Posted by travis789 View Post
You're welcome and good luck. A lot of times it is the cable, they can stretch and also if they're sticky (not lubed) it can make it difficult to get the adjustment right. I hope that's what it is. All the bikes I've had, i've worn out clutch cables but never a clutch. But you can never tell what a PO may have done and I imagine a clutch could wear just from driving around with the cable incorrectly adjusted.
I've owned 6 or 7 DR350s, both the offroad and S models. All were bought used. Some were only parts donors but three of those were tagged and used as true dual sports with greater than 50% non-paved use. All-in-all around 40K miles total on those three, all w/o a passenger but with my 220 lbs on board. To the point, those bikes saw some hard use but never abuse (from me) and the OE clutch began slipping at some point on all three of those. On two of them, the two I rebuilt with Wiseco hi-compresson pistons, all that was required was stronger (actually shimmed OE) clutch springs. The one I have now (a '96 frame with a stock '93, low hours, off-road engine) recently got new plates and springs after a carburetor refresh that increased power output slightly and resulted in clutch slipping. All the bikes have been run on Rotella 15W40. I agree that cable adjustment is important on these bikes and that one needs to be sure there is some cable slack but I also believe the clutch is one of the early failure points in the 350 design. Search this and other DR350 forums and you find it's a frequent topic. In contrast my DR650 has 40K miles with no clutch problems whatsoever AND a lighter clutch pull. It simply has a bigger and better clutch design I think.
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