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Originally Posted by lacofdfireman View Post
This is something I have been pondering for awhile. I am 6'4 250 ride a KLR but want a much larger tent. Right now I am using a Eureka Apex 3man tent. While it packs small it's also a PITA for me to move around in. And when I take my wife or one of my kids with me overnight it's way to small..
I have two tents. One for backpacking and me carrying the load, the other and my main go-to motorcycle tent is the Redverz. I am your size, so like you I get tired of crawling around in a small tent when I am on the road with full gear. Don't get sucked into the whole "I don't want my bike falling on my at night" argument that comes up. Rarely do I park the GS inside--but if the weather really sucks or I don't like the surroundings it is sure nice to have everything out of sight. That big vestibule is great for storing gear or just hanging out.

It is a great tent but it is also big and heavy. I carry it along with the stakes and poles in a large Ortlib dry bag. I can also stuff most of my other sleeping gear in there as well (as long as things are dry going in). On the GS it works fine...not sure on a KLR.

All I know is that after a long day on the road when I am tired and beat up, it is sure nice to have a place to stretch out and be comfortable. To me the Redverz is more than worth the trouble.
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