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Hey guys, so I screwed up royally. I can sit here and chalk it up to not being familiar with the new bike, having a noise-muffling full face helmet on, or a handful of other things, but really it was absurd global-scale stupidity on my part.

I rode my bike for half an hour with the choke on. I realized it, turned it off , rode for another hour, and then realized that I had melted the living crap out of my saddlebags.

I had a really nice leather jacket, a brand new pair of skateboarding shoes, and my cell phone charger in that bag. They were utterly disintegrated.

I turned back home.

About 20 minutes after turning back the bike shut off on me in the middle of nowhere and would crank but wouldn't come back on. The oil light was on and the oil measured low. I ended up getting help from some good samaritans and ended up adding about 1.3 quarts of oil to the bike. It turned on fine and rode the rest of the way home fine. The oil wasn't down any when I got home.

A handful of questions...

Did I damage my bike? Is it OK to clean it up and go back to doing the trip? Should I dump the oil and change it? Spark plugs?

I suppose it's worth mentioning I'd spent a couple days before leaving just doing maintenance work to it. Spark plugs, changed most of the radiator hoses, flush and pressure test the cooling sys, replace the clutch and throttle cables, diff fluid, etc.

How do I get this crap off my tailpipe and rim?

What should I do about getting new saddles?

Any other life advice or "it's OK, we all do stupid s***" mentions appreciated.

I really wanted want to kick myself in the face for this. The idea of scrapping the trip crossed my mind.

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