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Originally Posted by Aurelius View Post
"...we did not note any marked increase in braking power as compared to dual pivot rim calipers."

That says it all. Besides, how much braking force can those skinny tires road bikes are equipped with handle? Pumped up to 120 psi, there's not much of a contact patch there.
Originally Posted by Gummee! View Post
That applies to discs on cross bikes too. There's more brake than tire...

I recall back in the day, I stuck with low-profile cantilever brakes on my MTB rather than upgrade to "V" brakes - because I could lock the tires up with what I had if I needed to. OTOH, I have some pretty good grip strength and could put out the necessary power. I run discs nowadays because it is easier to control them. Kinda like the difference between a 300 watt stereo running at "5" vs a 150 watt system at "10". Much less distortion because the system is running well within it's capability vs maxed out.
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