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Originally Posted by Aurelius View Post
On my last two rides, I noticed a couple of cyclists slipping into position right behind me, close enough that I could barely see them any longer. I was traveling at a fairly high speed, so I assume they were drafting. Personally I couldn't care less if another rider hopes to save himself a few watts of energy that way, but it creates a dangerous situation if the rider in front doesn't realize there's anyone behind him. I mentioned this to a couple of friends who used to race, and they tell me it's not uncommon, referring to those who do it as "wheel suckers". Has anybody else in other parts of the country noticed this sort of thing?

Some people get all weirded out by it. Me? If they don't say anything before latching on, its not my responsibility to point anything out. If they say 'howdy, etc' then I'll ride for all of us.

Chances are if something happens, its them going down. Guy in the front rarely has a problem with overlapped wheels.

My $.02

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