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Originally Posted by fullmonte View Post
Only 14 more feet and it could've been epic. Good on ya for getting it done. That sounds like a helluva ride. Isn't it a bit early in the year for those temps? I hope you got to enjoy a nice cooling breeze on the descent.
It's a bit early, but not by much. When we got over the top of Hamilton, the descent was like having a hair dryer pointed at us. It was hot. We stopped for water and SAG at the bottom, then, about 3 miles later, we started Sierra. By the time we got to the top, we were all out of water, with no SAG. We had to get roving SAG to bring us water. When they showed up, they had two folks in the car and told us that everybody but the 7 of us at the top had elected to bypass Sierra Road and head around.

Hero points for us, I guess. We probably should have thrown the Garmin in the air a few times, huh?

This weekend, we're out to Sonoma County, likely riding King Ridge, Skaggs Springs and other beautiful roads. I've ridden them on my motos and they're absolutely spectacular, so I'm pretty stoked about this Saturday.

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