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Originally Posted by Aurelius View Post
"...we did not note any marked increase in braking power as compared to dual pivot rim calipers."

That says it all. Besides, how much braking force can those skinny tires road bikes are equipped with handle? Pumped up to 120 psi, there's not much of a contact patch there.
I think I'm attracted to them because we have long, long descents. The drop off of Mt. Hamilton was 18 miles. If I could get better heat dissipation and better modulation, I'd be fine with discs. I ride in the rain, too, so a perforated disc is also attractive, particularly on long descents.

Yeah, I can lock the front wheel on my /2, but that's not, IMHO, the measure of a good braking system. An ability to resist fade, wet weather and better modulation would be my goals for a disc setup.

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