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Originally Posted by kenny61 View Post
No i dont like to expose my legs when doing a down hill run. It would be like wearing shorts on a motorcycle.
I was simply looking for a non lycra / spandex type pants because I dont think think they could hold up to the road rash of a down hill get off

Except you'll be traveling much lower speeds, be crashing on dirt and trees aren't texting and drinking frappamochacino's during lane changes at 75mph. Just busting balls - seriously though, look into some shin/knee pads to wear under 'baggy' mtb shorts, and over some spandex/padded bike shorts. I use this exact setup and swear by it, plus you don't look like a lycra tool. They'll protect your legs better than DH pants will, and you won't overheat as easily or harvest mushrooms out of your grundle. EMS makes some good enduro type baggy mtb shorts that come with padded undershorts and they're priced pretty well to boot.

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