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Originally Posted by Sourjon View Post
Sweet factory cafe that's a good looking bike! Love the tank with the knee spaces. If I could find one I'd graft it on the 74. Always heard they were slightly underpowered but I'll bet you could swap in a XR650L RFVC motor (or NX650) and nobody would know the difference. Here's one I rebuilt back in 09. Looks like the same motor except for the kicker. There are a number of folks like Procycle that sell block off kits for the 'smog octypus' if you ever wanted to remove it. Really cleans up the look. There was one for sale in Georgia back during the winter for seven grand. Seems they were around four new. Pretty good investment.

She is definatley underpowered i test ride one a couple of weeks ago in Miami to buy one ( price was ok 5500 ) but after a test ride i left its not my kind of Bike maybe for a Girl but not for me . I love my 550 and 750 Cafe Bikes they keep you grin all day long for way less Mula
The Swap sound a good idea btw !!!!!
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