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[QUOTE=dieselcruiserhead;21414577]finally got bike back together and did about 380 miles this weekend from Fruita to Moab and back w 2WheelLust and my neighbor Bill. Great trip, Kokapelli was suprisingly dull at times but there was some decent single track and technical riding here and there. I have a tubliss inner tube fail, and some mechanical issues with the bolt that keeps a chain guide in place continually rattling loose on Bill's 04 450. Later in the trip he took a bad wreck and broke his tib/fib so we had to get the truck and pull the rip chord. But overall decent trip and a lot of fun especially in just 2 days...

mechanical #1 and my ass crack. At this spot bill's rear wheel locked up due to chain guide backing out and into his front sprocket. Skid about 30-45 feet managed to stay on bike and did well..

tubliss failure..

some of the funner more techincal stuff...

2WheelLust in action. Maiden voyage on his 525 with a hotcam I believe..


Hope his leg heals quickly (if he's younger like you)

Crack kills......

What's behind a Tubliss failure.......

Sounds like a great ride.
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