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kidnapped EGGY

I appreciate all the help and input into resolving the loss of eggy. the reason I made the long trip back to greyson to get eggy was to move him a long way across country. I am leaving to do the TAT today with 3 friends and was going to take him on the ride and drop him somewhere along the trail. I agree that we need to wait and give someone else time to look at the site and or whoever got him to return him and contact us. if it is agreeable with everyone I will wait 10 days before chosing a new mascot. I will decide then wheather to have it dropped at the site where eggy was lost or drop the new mascot somewhere else. I have a friend that i'm sure would assist me in chosing and dropping a new mascot at the greyson park site if we decide with everyones input to do that. I will do whatever the majority wants to do. EGGY WAS LOST OR KIDNAPPED FROM UNDER THE TREE BESIDE THE PLOW IN THIS PICTURE !!!!!!!! if you have him or find him please contact us by
( 5-25-2013) or eggy will assumed to be forever lost but never forgotten.
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