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Has anyone on here, who had a broken arm/elbow, used one of these?

My surgeon suggested it last week since I am five months out and still only have about a 90 degree bend to my arm. Insurance won't way the $1900 price tag. Stinks cuz I could gain my ROM back so much quicker with the device, but insurance prefers to pay up to $8000 in PT visits and prolong my recovery.

So I am wondering if this little contraption is worth me paying for it out of my pocket or if anyone has a used one for sale....


Nice device!
But expensive though!, could try if they rent them?

no-budget alternative;

A meter of pipe (plumber) and same lenght of Theraband will also give your Dynamic Low Load Prolonged Stretch

In your case, I`m not sure what your ROM is (range of motion) fully extended is 0 degrees full flexion (about 145 degrees)

After 5 months I doubt if you will gain significanty, but it also depends on the "feel" bouncy has a better outcome than Hard.

Try it for a week (only if the ellbow isn`t warm or swollen)
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