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Uhh...sure, you can learn on a liter bike...but it's sure as hell easier on a small bike. Simple relationship between rider weight and bike weight. It's alot easier to manhandle something closer to your weight.

Personally, I think their marketing is way off target for the us market for other reasons, although if you're going to get good at stoppies and wheelies...nothing beats a light, low cc bike with a clutch. Historically that meant dirt bikes in the States. But hey...bikes like the Grom are how it's done in Asia.

I think the ads are dumb bcs it's going to be short-lived when they start getting push back from nanny staters. Can't wait to see the follow-up effects from dumb-shits eating their teeth en masse in the alleys trying to recreate the shit they see while ignoring the "professional rider" warnings. But's marketing. It's about the image.

You're right, no scooter rider would rationally choose the grom over a scooter...but that's not the side of their brain telling them to pull out the credit card. I've ridden and have both scooters and bikes for decades...this might be the first one I ever buy retail.
Nannies don't seem to have had much effect on kids riding 100 mph wheelies down the freeway on 600cc sport bikes. They haven't seemed to have much impact on stunt riders at all. For the most part, near as I can tell, most stunt riders do their stuff in empty parking lots etc...

I doubt this will be much different.
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