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Hidden In Plain Sight

So Fido leaves North GA on Thursday afternoon to go grab the USA Tag down in Green Cove Springs, Fla with the intention of placing Nutsy up in VA where the NA Tag had gone missing.

On the way north up thru SC and NC I get the bright idea to stop in at Rick's Rendevous going on in Hampton, TN.

So I blew thru there in the rain on Saturday morning and picked up Land for a day ride over to the tag location.

Nutsy enjoyed visiting at RDV:

It was a wet 100 miles over to the State Park, but a sweet run thru rural NC.

I hid Nutsy on the old John Deere mower with the help of a couple of magnets.

I looked all under that tree, just like others had, and found no sign of Eggy. BUT, I'm walking back to the bikes

and glance over at the big sign. "Hmm, hey Chris, what the heck is that stuffed between the sign posts?" Upon investigation......there it is:

The pack was open, the cannister was placed on top of the pack. The note describing the "If found......." was the first thing I came to when opening the pack. There was a small hole in the bottom of the pack that looked like it had been chewed on by some rodent.

I think the pack was exposed by said rodent and found by a human, who opened the pack, read the note, then re-hid the tag bag in a more secure place. He did not re-pack the the package cause yall got so much stuff packed in there!

Eggy went back to Rick's Rendevous with Fido and Land and enjoyed the Saturday night festivities.

So as I post this, Eggy is secure and dry near Erwin, TN. So far I'm showing a little over 1300 miles on the clock for this tag adventure.

Now I have the 'hot potato(e)' and have no idea where I'm going to place it.

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