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Originally Posted by klaviator View Post
I am looking at probably getting a midsize motorcycle in the future but have very little interest in a large Maxi Scooter. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with Maxi Scooters, just that for my style of riding, a motorcycle would work better. It all depends on how you plan on riding it.

Unlike most here in Battle scooters, I prefer a manual transmission over auto. I have come to like the CVT's on my small scooters, especially around town, but on the mountain roads I really like riding, a manual just works better. I also like to ride off the pavement and scooters just don't have the suspension or ground clearance of something like a DL650 or Versys. They also don't have enough cornering clearance for me except maybe the T max.

Where the Maxi Scooters have a big advantage, IMO, is for touring. The Maxi's have great built in storage, good wind protection and comfortable seats. If I wanted to do a lot of long distance two up touring I'd be looking at something like a Burgman 650. IMO, The Burgman is more of a replacement for something like a Gold Wing rather than a midsize motorcycle. Compared to a Gold Wing, the Burgman suddenly looks pretty light weight and inexpensive.

However, while I have owned and/or ridden hundreds of motorcycles, I don't have that much experience with Maxi Scooters so I may end up changing my mind and getting one in the future.
this post reflects my thoughts. and having rode scooters a few years before MC's i have come to believe them small bikes, preferably with smaller wheels. for nimbleness and maneuverability around city streets where a scooter really shines

for me a maxi is for touring or straight line highway use. i don't ride one but would need a physical limitation to do so. and even those with hand and foot problems can opt for an auto trans from Honda in a motorcycle these days. it may be seen as a compromise bike, but its still a motorcycle. and for me a scooter is still a small thing, not a big one

a BIG scooter for me is sort of like that small motorcycle Honda just put out might be for others. it's just the opposite of what i would like a scooter to be. which is a small. lightweight, around town bike. thats it. a maxi is "more." for me a scooter is about less

until it has to be otherwise. if it has two wheels whatever it is, i want to be on it until i leave this earth. so if a cushy maxi scoot is in my future somewhere down the road, i am sure i will be ready for it. not just yet, though
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