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Originally Posted by wundis View Post
Ill play with the carbs tonight. In the meanwhile, I had a light bulb moment.
Does anyone have a spare (an old one would do the trick, too) float valve sitting somewhere? The thing i'd like to see is how much pressure in grams it needs to have for the small spring inside to compress fully. In exchange for the measurement ill buy you a beer next time you're in Lithuania!
I'm going to measure the values myself using my girlfriends kitchen scales (when she's asleep obvioulsy) on the float valves ive got (2 new oem, 1 old strong, 1 old weak).
OK, now here are the results of the 2 old float valves I have:
The weak one takes approx 20g to fully compress the small spring inside.
The stronger one takes an incredible 55g to fully compress. I'm pretty sure a difference like that would cause some serious inequalities between the carbs.
The new ones are going to be somewhere in between, probably around 30g judging by the fact that they were only a bit stronger than the old weak one.

Anyhow, does anyone know what role those springs play in the function of the carb?
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