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Originally Posted by RealOldDualSportGuy View Post
And so the search continues


I am a short unit with lots of broken things too, but I manage to ride the 04 tiger well enough to keep me smiling.
I suggest trying one out so you know for yourself.
The have a good bit of adjustment possible in the set-up, however you need to consider your personal abilities when it comes time to pick it up or stop it going down in the first place, as they are quite heavy.
I know plenty of people who have found the Versys to be a decent option when set up well, or the KLR if you like thumpers.
The new 700GS is rather tidy too, if you have the money for a 'new' new bike.
There are plenty of good bikes out there for the 'less young' and 'less bulletproof' of us, best idea is go and sit on a few.
Good luck
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