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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
I have a Genuine Stella, which is a 150cc scooter with a manual transmission. Unfortunately it is not modern, it is an Indian made copy of a vintage Vespa. It looks great, and is a blast to ride around locally on, but not reliable enough for long distance travel, which is to bad, since it's manual transmission would be great for climbing mountains. I have wanted a modern, reliable scooter with a manual transmission for a long time. I don't see there being a big market for such a bike, but it seems there would be a big enough market for one or two manufacturers to sell them. IMO, the Zuma 125 would be great with a 150cc engine and a manual transmission.

Small motorcycles have their place. I would love to have a 250cc cruiser with tubeless tires. I can't handle the riding position of a sport bike. So far the best I've been able to do is an XT225 with a centerstand. At least I have a way to fix those tube type tires out on the road or trail.
oh i like small motorcycles myself. but this Grom just seems a novelty of sorts. unless you're a very small person. very small....

a scooter of the same size with its seating position and auto trans is more bike for most. i am sure some hearty adventurers will make the most of Honda's little bike, but it sure has nothing that calls to me

now what you describe, because of the different design of a scooter, that sounds sweet. say 200cc of strong shifty on 12in wheels? sign me up

but tiny motorcycles need not apply
Originally Posted by GREY.HOUND View Post

Comparing the NC700X and the BMWGT650. Actually, not a great review. IMO, the Honda and the BMW are for different purposes. I could see the DCT Honda vs. the BMW Sport, that might actually be a better comparison.
i like how the "scooter guy" rider in the comparo liked the motorcycle more then the big scooter, and found the mc more "scooter like." sounds like my kind of mc :)

these guys did not care much for either the Honda or one of the BMW scoots or the other. seems they thought they were just OK :/

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