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Glad to hear that one went OK.

I hear what you are saying about posture... but its damn hard. I was in agony last night / today - a combination of posture and a less than perfect mattress. I know there's a better bed... but its up another flight of stairs (ie 2 instead of 1)... not going to happen.

I've made it to the pool once

.... but it sure isn't as nice looking water as the photo I borrowed from the guy who put me on to this pool. I kept my head above water. I'll head out there again tomorrow. I've been getting massages every day - and a herbal compress massage today seems to have me back on track... along with some magnesium tablets to relax the muscles.

Travelling here was better and worse than I'd anticipated. Three flights over two days of 8 1/2, 2 1/2 and 1 hour duration were fine. It was the airports that nailed me. Oh, and stupid me used a backpack... extra load on the legs... although still possibly better than a wheeled case. It seemed that I always had to walk (hobble) the maximum distance at each airport for check-in gate and then aircraft gate.

Singapore Airport was magnificent... offered the front of the queue every time they spotted my crutch/leg brace - customs and taxi. Taxi queue lady and check-in guys even rushed over with their own seat for me. Amazing service.

Bangkok Airport had me do an angry customer dummy spit... a very, very rare event for me. The Bangkok Airways transfer counter wouldn't let me transfer because my airline wasn't one of the 40 on her list on the wall. WTF? You can't fly with them because they don't like the last airline you flew with?

When I realised she was sending me on a route march of 3 - 4 kilometres, I told her she was causing me pain... and laid down in front of her counter. Not the most elegant protest... but she (eventually) did what she said she couldn't ie print my boarding pass. She still wouldn't let me through the door for the 100 metre walk to the plane... but she got one of their guys with a wheelchair and sent us the long way.

The poor guy pushing the wheelchair was puffing and blowing... absolutely knackered by the time we got to the plane... and I was last one on. I hadn't yelled at her... I simply told her that if I missed the plane because she wasn't honouring my valid ticket, I'd write to the CEO of the airline. May the bluebird of happiness forever build its nest in her nostrils. There is no way I'd ever have made that walk on my crutch.

Anyhow... enough ranting and raving. I'm getting around a bit better, I'm back on two wheels (shhh)... I've got a nice little Yamaha Fino - an automatic scooter... fold the crutch, don't put the right leg down... and away we go.

I'd have gone stir crazy if I was still stuck at home, not able to drive (legally).

First outing here though was to a funeral for a Norwegian expat, killed on his bike. Not the truck driver's fault either. Things are looking better since then... with a wedding yesterday.
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