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Originally Posted by Rex Nemo View Post
Thanks for taking us along on your weird bad trip, blaster.

Now that I have joined you in the Lisfranc club, this is really useful information.

I am wired together currently, but the doc is talking about fusing the joints right out of the box, for the reason you describe--bone wear, breakdown and arthritis formation on the articulating surfaces.

How is your foot doing currently?
Sorry to hear you joined the club! I wish you all the luck and take it easy like they say.

Actually not all that well. I have scheduled the next surgery for October, which will be fusing the first three metatarsals, fixing a torn ligament, and also an impingement in my ankle. The doc that I got my second opinion from hooked me up with an ankle brace which has made life WAY better. Still hurts a lot but now I can get through the entire day and get a tremendous amount of stuff done which I was unable to do before.
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