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Originally Posted by Boats313 View Post
I ordered a set last night! I have been putting off ordering these for months and now I'm like a kid waiting for his birthday.
I was the same waiting for mine to arrive, it was worth it though :)

Originally Posted by Boats313 View Post
I called the order in and was very pleased with the professionalism, too many companies forget that part of the business.
QFT! All to often companies are happy to do just enough to get your money. They give vague answers to your questions and when you do buy and find their product isn't exactly what you thought they will hide behind "buyer beware" type BS.

I'm sure it is apparent from the detail in this thread and the number of happy customers that Cyclops isn't like that. I have been nothing but impressed with both the product and the service I received. The lights are solid and well built, the brackets and mounts were solid, even the wiring and plugs were top quality (this is where you would expect a lesser brand to skimp).

Even just the simple "thanks for buying off us" or "thanks for posting photos" makes you feel like they value you as a customer.

I could rant on and on about professional customer service :p It just gets on my nerve when companies treat you like they are doing you a favour by extracting as much money from you as possible whilst delivering as little as they can in return...grr
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