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What's really frustrating is that I don't know I can do it next year. I won't go back unless NORRA makes some major changes to how they run the race.

1 in 20 odds of getting run over by a buggy are not ones I'll take again.
Luke. It was good meeting you and your crew in Mexicali, and starting with you heads up on top of Laguna Salada (I'm the guy on #42 - the 1983 XR500R). I was sad to hear of your blown motor on the transit - Baja has a way of ruining bikes.
... I should know... blew up 3 bikes in Baja in 2011. HAHA!

Anyways, I agree with your comment above - doubt I'll be going back to NORRA next as well. It was fun, but there's something about NORRA that attracts rich "bucket lister a-holes" who are out to make a name for themselves, before they die... Without any care about anyone else except themselves.
I actually had the displeasure of racing with one of these guys in the past (Truck class). He cared very little about the bikes he passed (or anyone else for that matter) - they were just in his way. I couldn't believe it. Idiot!

Another bike racer said it best, "I feel safer at a SCORE race."

Hopefully NORRA figures it out - they definitely deserve to be known as the happiest race on earth.

Cya Luke!
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