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Ok so it's taken a little [two weeks] to finish "A Tale of Two Churches". So let see if I can get this done. These pics all come from the same day and ride as I took from two weeks ago. I turn off 522 south to pick up 127 West and or North, and up in an area I always thought was Omps I found out is actually called "Bloomery" I passed by this church hundreds of times. A very pretty little church in a gorgeous country setting and never stoped to see.... Until now.

The sign alone alludes to it's history.

The setting is of course down right picturesque.

Obviously the congregation has meticulously taken care of and renovated the little church over the years. But it definitely has history!

The placard speaks of a "Civil War" engagement up and through this valley, and how members of this church fought and supported the Confederacy. If you need more evidence. :


From what I was told, after the War it cost the church dearly as the Union did not act kindly towards their preferences.

There are other markers that indicate the historical heritage of this church as members of this congregation participated in WWI that's right WW - One!

thanks to the photographer's mediocre skills the image is a little out of focus, but you can make out the solder was born in Feb 4, 1891 and died on March 5th 1918.
There a collection of other markers that spoke of a epidemic that swept through the community in the early thirties. Some of the most remarkable markers place the beginnings of the church back to the founding of our Country, and some ... well we can only speculate.

date unknown

I was told by two very nice young men [about my age ]
that there is an estimated 13 - 15 unmarked graves behind the church of Confederate soldiers.
These guys where very proud of their church. They where there the day doing some maitenance work around the guys and keeping a close eye on the motorcycle bum who had invaded their sacred grounds [me ].
Once I was able to earn their trust and convince them I came in peace, they wanted to make sure I got the full tour of their beloved church.

[gotta get my eyes check - lousy auto focus ]
But I was very excited, and happy. What I though was going to be a thirty min. stop and shoot turned into an hour and a half guide tour and fellowship. But it was worth it.

Beings as I am getting ancient and believe I have either gone cenile, or got "Some-timers" I am not a hundred percent sure about their names. Probably a good thing for them. But any way I conclude with these shots of this wonderful stop.

I was told the base on the bottom of the pulpit was added because of size differential of the Ministers back in the day as compared to today! About six inches higher I think.

The guys told me this was some of the original lighting!

This wall ran all the way around the perimeter of the church. My imagination runs wild with how it may have been used and for what purposes over the life of this frontier church.

Well this was the tale of two churches

Like I said earlier been through here hundreds of times and this is the first time I took a few moments to stop and catch something truly spectacular that we often taken for granted here in the Mountains of the East! The day is growing short and others are riding through. this is the view right in front of the church

Time to get back to Cumberland.

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