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Originally Posted by therivermonster View Post
I'm a bit new to the Montana, and with the help of this thread and the Wiki, I'm coming along.

Just today I accessed the Montana internal memory, uSD card and tried to delete all items. Then I loaded a couple segments of City Nav, made a route, and took the GPS out for a test ride. I had the GPS hooked up to my Sena head set, but I wasn't getting any turn by turn audio. (previously I was the day before). I took a look in settings and noticed that there are no longer any voice choices in the Voice Language menu. I also realized that the default Profiles, and the Vehicle options are no longer available. The menus for them are still there, but there aren't any selections to choose from.

Also, I somehow deleted the Global base map from the unit. Could this be the problem?

I was using 4.9, then went back to 4.7 to see if that would help. It didn't. So I went back to 4.9.

Web Updater doesn't give me any options to install any voices, or any further features.

I am installing City Navigator on the unit again thinking that this may solve the problem, but if I remember correctly, I think that I saw the voice, vehicle, and Profile options on the Montana before I loaded the map, so this may not help.

Ideally what I would like to do is get the unit back to factory new software settings with all features that should be included as such.

Any help would be great.

Thanks, everyone!

Edit: I am researching the issue further, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to reinstall the base map on the GPS. City Navigator is on there just fine, but the base map isn't. I looked at the unit with JaVaWa, and it said that the unit didn't have a base map installed (which we already know) and that the GPS probably wouldn't operate properly without it. "Well how would one go about getting that base map back on the GPS, JaVaWa?" Any ideas?
I think if you hook the unit up to it will scan the device and restore missing default files. Not sure if it will do the basemap, but worth a try. I know that when I deleted the factory dashboard files from my Zumo 350, it restored all of them.
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