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Originally Posted by Moose Dog View Post
The Elevator, got big stones?

No sir, but my lack of stones for jumps stems from spending a week in the hospital for arm reconstruction via 2 surgeries from a bmx crash 10 yrs ago... When you land cockeyed and you go over the bars and go to get up and your left arm dangles by only the flesh, and the bone is clean snapped, as well as fractured down into the joint in 3 spots, and the first three docs to look at the x ray in the ER say they cant fix it, you get a new appreciation for the guys that do air it out....i on the other hand dont.... Because i know what can happen when it goes wrong... A $35,000 arm, 9 screws, a plate, 43 staples, a month and a half in a cast, a month and a half of therapy, and a 50% chance of having NO use of your arm at all...thankfully i have 99% of the original motion, and 90% of the original strength... But i never want to find myself in that situaton ever again.....
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