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Originally Posted by therivermonster View Post
I was playing around with the unit some more this morning and noticed that all of my shortcut options are gone , as well as some of the apps.

Gone from where? Main Screen? Drawer? Which Profile?

Try this: Hook it up to the computer, view with Windows Explorer, go to Montana/Garmin/Shortcuts. If you see all the shortcuts you had before, then eject, power up, go to Setup for whichever profile you're interested in, Main Menu, click the options (three bars), then Setup Drawer, and start adding the shortcuts and apps back one by one with the plus sign in upper right corner.

Re-arrange them around to your needs, then select another profile (if you want) and do the same thing. It helps to make all your profiles have almost exactly the same main screen and drawers, you get used to seeing icons in the same place all the time.

THEN re-connect to computer and save all the Profiles, Shortcuts, and anything else you may ever need to a folder on the HDD you can always find, like: My Garmin/Montana/Garmin. I just mirror everything in the Montana except maps, which are put in a separate folder (the one for the SD card, which is where I put all my maps), so I can swap them in and out without having to use MapInstall.

I have seen this behavior from time to time. It usually takes me a while to remember that yes, I really did have that app or shortcut in that Profile...
Then I just overwrite that Profile in the Montana with the known good one on the HDD.

I'm using 4.7, I won't go to 4.9, I think it's too flaky.

If your Shortcuts have REALLY disappeared from the Garmin/Shortcuts folder, then you will have to rebuild them or get some from Dropbox.

Good Luck!
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