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Thanks for all of your kind comments, well wishes and insight. I very much appreciate them.

For those interested as of now I am ten weeks post-injury, seven weeks post surgery. All the bones have healed, my lungs have healed, my shoulder is back in place, and I am "just" down to lots of physical therapy to regain full use of my right arm.

In addition to two hours of home PT every day, I go to the PT three times a week for about 1.5 hours each time. My PT is a former gymnast. After I have done my warm-up stretches I lie down, she stands over me on a stool, puts me in an arm lock and goes to work. A session with her inevitably reminds me of Big Time Wrestling which was on TV when I was a kid. I am the guy on the mat reaching out in vain to tag my partner to save me.

As I think I said before I am expected to have 100% range of motion (in another three months or so), so I take it all in stride (and lot of grimaces, many groans, and an occassional scream).

The comments and my subsequent reading about flail chest have been sobering though. At the time I was almost a bemused observer to how the medical profession treats accident victims. Upon reflection, I can see how close I came to not being here. I am anxious to be able to ride again, but how much, or how, I ride I have yet to figure out.

The medical community I have dealt with is pretty avidly anti-motorcycle, although one notable exception was my anestheologist who talked about how much he loved his Yamaha YZ450 as he rolled me into surgery.

From much of the advice I have received here I think off roading the GS will likely be a thing of the past. Not sure whether I will use another lighter bike to offroad, or give that up altogether. I sure like to ride, and giving it up altogether though would be very tough.

Anyway thank you all again.

Tom W.
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