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Originally Posted by pjcr12 View Post
Like Lornce, I have the vid....but, I also have the blankness just like you. Is there any chance of a cure, or are we lost in the haze for all time? Eh? EH??
Thanking you :-), and, er, am too in the haze.

There's not a lot I can offer by way of a solution to this, either to your good self or indeed to all the peeple off of the wurlds. Perhaps it's best summed up by a man who appears to have recently jumped out onto the M1 @ circa 70MPH:

HT caps. That’s one of the ways I’ve sought to solve my problems. The mid rev/mid throttle misfire I’ve been chasing has brought me to the local motor factors to purchase myself a pair of those red plastic HT caps to replace the metal ones I was running on the DMW. What are they called? The Red ones. Ah, NGK. The metal cap on the right (the side that coughs out) was not latching onto the threads at the top of the plugs, and there are soot marks on the ceramic bodies of the plugs. I was never completely happy with the metal caps anyway, but as the connection tab inside was suspect, and the NGKs are only a couple of quid I thought I’d rule out the whole metal cap shorting possible source of the misfire sort of thing now that I’ve got some money.

I say now I’ve got some money because I didn’t get paid the last two pay days, so I’ve been brassic for the last 19 days, but at last it’s been sorted out so I could give the plug cap swap out a go to see if it killed the misfire. It didn’t, but at least now that’s one thing excluded. I have a feeling it’s a fuel supply issue in that at a given throttle/rev demand the supply isn’t keeping up? I’ve tried cleaning out the little white filters in the bottom of the petcocktaps – there were red crumbs of deposit seemingly come from the previous tank lining. I’ve also pulled the petcocktaps out of the bottom of the emptied tank (ran to the bottom of reserve what with no dosh and all) to check out the tatty tower stack gauze filters. They really need replacing as there are holes down the longitudinal seam but that’ll take a drop into Magic Daves to see if he’s got some on the off chance, or an order from Motorworks.

The next step surely is to dismantle the taps to make sure there’s no red crumb in there. The fact that it was at the bottom white petcocktap filters shows it’s got pat the tower filters, so there’s bound to be some in the tap bodies between the two filters. None of it gets as far as the float bowls so the bottom filters are doing fine, and as you may recall I don’t have any filters in the peterolgaz lines to the carbs. So, the tap bodies will need a clean next time the tank’s emptyish, and this is where I’m glad I splashed out on new taps because when I start to take them apart they’re less likely to chew themselves up (infamous last words…)
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