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Originally Posted by Luke View Post
Regarding blisters, I haven't gotten any since I stopped using MX gloves and started using mechanics gloves.

$20 at home depot. Sometimes the stitching is off, so paw through the rack to get good ones. They feel a bit slippery when new. After the first 5 minutes are great.
Thanks for the tip. I've eyed them up in the past, but was weary of them feeling like they had a seam on the inside of the thumb. I'll pick some up though as I'm in need of some gloves here. Any issues with them keeping your hands too warm?

Falling in the creek didn't help with things.

I've tried these as well:

I had to stop after the first lap of my race to stop and take them off. It threw off how I normally held onto the grips and caused the most intense arm pump. I think I still have them somewhere, so maybe I'll have to give them another try.

I find I have a couple things happen to me each year.

1. I get 1 bad hand blistering towards the beginning of the season. After that, my hands are good the rest of the season (aka, need to ride more during winter).
2. I over-heat myself while riding. Did this this past weekend at the MX track. Improper nutrition & pre-hydration and pushing too hard on the MX track added up to me feeling like absolute crap.

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