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I'm looking to have these modified so that I can fit them between the rear end of the downpipes and the Supertrapp end caps you can just about see in the previous pic. As they stand the ends are a couple of mm out each way, so it's either a matter of stretching one end to an internal diameter of a smidge over 40mm, and the other end being squashed to just under 40mm external diameter. Or it's a matter of cutting the ends back & welding the appropriate sized ends on?

The tubes themselves have a woven outer as you can see, but inside there's a series of interlinked/overlapping ring sections that allow some flexibility. I have a couple of baffles that will fit with a little modding, and I've yet to determine if the tubes should be secured somewhere by the foot-peg mounting plates via P clamps or by a bar/rod to a thread welded onto the pipe ends?
I'd still like to get this setup built. Wish I'd bought a welding kit when I was earning...

I'd be interested to know more about the VW muffler baffles people talk about too.
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