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Originally Posted by mcma111 View Post
He's been trying to exorcize the demons out of his engine. He finally found a bad/cracked wire at the coil. All better now.

If I ever have troubles(which I do) I can easily diagnose electrical issues by eliminating possible causes...

this because I live in a country where spares are hard to come by so over time steve and others have sent me a crapload of extra stuff

I have 2 stators
2 coils, 2 plug caps
2 cdis
oem pg and new one installed

anytime I start getting electrical issues from vibrations or whatever and they seem out of the blue the first thing I switch is the cdi...if that shows no change I usually change the coil and cap or resistor in the cap

if none of this helps what I usually end up doing is testing the stator for volts then I undo the wiring harness

this last time I actually had one of the coil wires under the honda gromment cracked you couldnt see it...

I made new connections and Im good to go...

so thats part of the reason I have all these electrical components to switch back and forth with

I dont with the pg or stator...jejeje
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