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Originally Posted by NikonsAndVStroms View Post
Holy shit! A game that makes G-Loc look awesome:

Little bit of random trivia the Game Gear was basically a portable Sega master system.
It was one of the very first games to launch with the Master System. It was also very frustrating. I think I traded it for something... I traded my Master System for a Genesis Master System Adapter plus a game. This was a promotion Sega had. Only problem was that not all games were supported. F-16 Fighter wouldn't work with it.

The Game Gear was sold up until the late 90's. I remember when Toy's R Us were liquidating them for $20. I should have bought them. Instead, I bought a NES Advantage they were also liquidating. I still wouldn't mind getting a Game Gear. I still have all of my old Genesis games.
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