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Originally Posted by Jeffy View Post
It was one of the very first games to launch with the Master System. It was also very frustrating. I think I traded it for something... I traded my Master System for a Genesis Master System Adapter plus a game. This was a promotion Sega had. Only problem was that not all games were supported. F-16 Fighter wouldn't work with it.

The Game Gear was sold up until the late 90's. I remember when Toy's R Us were liquidating them for $20. I should have bought them. Instead, I bought a NES Advantage they were also liquidating. I still wouldn't mind getting a Game Gear. I still have all of my old Genesis games.
The problem is the screens are all washed out by now, mine will still play but it doesn't look nearly as good as when i played the hell out of it during road trips in the 90's.

I remember getting a 32X with Viruta Fighter and the star wars arcade game for something like 25 bucks altogether from Toys R' Us, I'm waiting for the Wii or maybe even the Wii U to have that fate to pick up some of the better games.
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