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Originally Posted by elsalvadorklr View Post
^^^x2...good tips


what did you do to the head during your rebuild? if nothing this could be a source of issues

same goes for really have to clean everything ESPECIALLY when you had a failure before...

remeber the seal I asked about, if that is leaking then your crank suffers oil starvation and could be causing it to run drier and make noise...dunno really but its a VERY important seal.

Im still plucking bronze flakes from the catastrophic failure the previous onwer had when he exploded a crank assembly and the sold the bike in boxes to me without a crank...this after almost 4 years having the bike...

even after 2 unrelated rebuilds and a million flushes of the frame there are still bits that end up in the frame strainer...

so if something similiar happened with your bike you really need to make sure you check EVERYTHING

also you were sold the bike as a 630 kit...what if it was a 630 at one point had some major damage happen and then they went back to stock cylinder and stuff...


just trying to help a fellow 88er...

reading this is kinda a relieve for me...
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