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Originally Posted by OzAnt View Post
Have you looked at your head closely for interferance with piston / valves.
Dropped valve guide or something.
I had mine start a ticking noise.
When it was torn down it was obvious it was the valve seat.
However the guide had moved also.
Go back and look at your old piston for top surface damage very closely.
Mine was showing signs of lower compression when I was starting it. This was about 10,000 after a major rebulid.
We kero tested the head at the rebuild and it was fine,
We had the valves reseated at the time, came back border line for thickness but we used it.
Now have repalced with new head, valves and some rockers, cam was whole new cam at rebuild time so did not need work.
Did you also check the oil holes in the crank before you reassembled.
Did you pump oil in the crank shaft end oil hole and see oil coming out of the connecting rod big end.
You could have a blocked crank oil hole.
Did you check the oil screen in the bottom of the frame oil tube to make sure it was not blocked with the teflon / nylon from the cam chain guides as they wear.
Biggest cause of engine oil starvation in XR's after not feeding them enough oil.
Hope you get it sorted.
Thanks for the suggestions mate.

The head was fine, no loose valves etc and the top of the piston was ok. The knock was definitely down lower, ie crank transmission etc. I will check the crank oils holes though, that is something I didn't think of, thanks!

__________________________________________________ ______________________________________

I have actually found the problem!!

Found it yesterday, in between finishing my stat analysis and beginning my results section.
(Currently my life is just separated into moments around this paper: thesis, breakfast, thesis, take a crap, thesis, coffee, thesis, lunch, thesis, work, thesis, dinner, thesis, sleep.)

So who wants to step right up and guess the problem? Come on now, don't be shy.

Here's a hint, remember all those metal fragments that I found when I first tore it down, and couldn'tt figure out where they came from? Thought it was from an old piston? Well I've found where they're coming from...

Give it a shot
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