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Originally Posted by voltz View Post
Big end bearing?

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Remember there was no vertical play in the rod at all.

It's an after market rod, ProX, and has been put in fairly recently as there is only slight wear in the small end....

... dammit Geoff, why are you so clever

No vertical play that I could tell, or my Dad, friends or machinist could tell either.

A mate of mine who is a mining engineer flew back in the other day (2 weeks on - 1 week off) and offered to go get the rod look at etc since I am busy and he had nothing better to do. Lo and behold, the big end was trashed.
Notice the lack of a bearing cage? Fuck knows where that went, ground into those metal flakes I guess. Missing needles and others broken in half. Whole thing is well fucked.

Anyway, this is a good thing. Means I know the problem, know where the metal came from that started the first blow up, know why it was knocking both before and after the rebuild (so i didn't fuck that up which is good). Will replace it with a HotRods rod when I get the money/time, and so almost everything should be new , top and bottom ends.

My mate also picked up a replacement main bearing from a bearing supply shop because it is cheap ($20) and I'm going to order the strangely sized one (6307/18) in the next week or so. While this expensive one still turns fine and seems perfect, I don't want some flakes of metal to float out of it's cage after I've finished the rebuild, ala Christian and his bronze flakes still sticking around in his crank.

Cheers for the help everyone, happy days!

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