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Originally Posted by BobbySands View Post
.....causing my bike to idle for a minute or so, and my temp light came on. I got it into the wind and kept the RPMs down to 4000, and it went off quickly, but then weaving through the neighbourhood and stopping at the signs, my temp light came on again.

I realised that the TKC has thrown a pitload of crud up onto the radiator, packing it in a couple places, and my fan is stuffed-- can't even spin it by hand.

So a new fan is in order and a good scrubbing of the radiator (and the bike, too.) And I'll drop the oil. It only has 1900 miles on it in 4 days, but it's regular dino oil and clearly has been heat stressed. I'll also change the coolant out since it was last done (or not) by the PO.
Be careful when washing the radiator, it's pretty fragile. I'd try removing it from the bike and washing it from the rear first. Make sure there aren't any small stones left and use a small piece of foam when reinstalling it (between the frame and the radiator, this is where small stones/ large grains of sand will lodge and effectivly grind a hole in the radiator)

Don't looking to cause trouble, but I'd keep a real keen eye on that warning light from now on. It it ever lights up again, get to the bottom om it.
Having had mine overheat and all the shit that followed I wish I'd properly solved the problem right away instead of taking the "easy" route 2 two times first (where I "just" replaced the headgasket)

Good luck
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